Heartbeat of the Father

I don’t know why I started crying so badly.

I cried and cried and cried then He held me in His arm like how Aunty Ayelan did when I was bawling at church. But the love was so unconditional and I felt so safe. I felt that nothing can hurt me, I’m gonna be alright, I’m safe. He’s my safe heaven. He held me so close, not tight, not squeezing me, but safe and close. I could hear His heartbeat.

I felt like my heart was engage. It was engage with the Father’s heart. Then I was in the place again. The same Light that saved me. I heard the laughter of aborted children. Don’t ask me how I knew those were the laughter of specifically aborted children. I don’t know.

But heaven is a great place, I’m sure. Love you Jesus. Thank you for letting me dive into your grace, I don’t have to do anything to manifest your presence. I just have to be available, be present. Thank You, Your Love chases me wherever I go. You meet me right where I am.

What a joy I found in Jesus!
What a friend I found in Jesus!


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