Layers of distrust

Intern taught me so much. Not in technical term but how people behave. It’s disappointing, upsetting and it churns my heart, spirit and my guts.

I always choose to trust someone when they say something. Because it sucks to live in distrust/ hurt/ betrayal. My default for someone is deciding to trust them although I don’t feel like.

But people can be so hurt and have Layers and layers of distrust built from their past hurts. Some self created some by others. But I believe that when you put yourself in a situation, you are suppose to know what consequences/responsibilities you have to bear.

For example, if you’re gonna drive a motorbike to somewhere, you have to bear the consequences of getting into an accident on the road. Not that everything ends up in tragedy, but I’m saying we should all count our cost when we do things. Especially when we are doing out of own personal selfish desire. Adults need to learn to count their cost. People with power/voice need to learn to count their cost. 

However, I do understand that those layers of distrust and hurt which lead to being self protective take years to heal. Even more time for them to realise. So I guess I just have to suck it up.


I always remember I have a good Father who got my back. As much as He loves me, He loves them too much to leave them that way. And for that I’m contented.


For now, I just gotta love them with layers or without layers.

“I have only ONE enemy, that’s the devil. Everything else is meant for distraction and temptation. I will pick up no sword unless I’m told. I will not react, I will only respond, and my response is “Jesus”. And His response “Feed my sheep”.”

Promise you Jesus.


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