Living Water

I remembered 1 of the bible stories that hit me the most was when Jesus was talking to a Samaritan woman by the well. Jesus then mentioned about the living Water.

I felt like that moment wasn’t Jesus trying to show who the heck He is. If He were to give so much heck and how biggie He was, He wouldn’t have walked under the stars He hold. It was a father and daughter moment.

A lot of times, I’m reminded of myself as the woman by the well. Trying to search and search, then there came Jesus searching for us. Knowing my past, future and present. Knowing what I did and coming to love me not just correct me.

Jesus didn’t care how “dirty” the woman was. He didn’t care which border He crossed. Who had been classified not to speak to or speak to. He didn’t care what others see or what others talk. Jesus didn’t care whether it was a scorching afternoon or not. Nobody draws water from the well in the afternoon, hence the woman was there because she felt shameful of herself and didn’t want any contact with people.

Love trumps everything.

Tonight, I’m just glad that I’m loved by someone who would come to me regardless of what season I’m in. I’m glad I’m loved by someone who wants a fisherman to follow Him instead of any big shot man (which btw, Jesus could have if He wants). I’m glad I’m loved by a King who would come down, take the keys over from Satan, bear the transgression on the cross, for me, for us. Where we are His joy set before Him.

Grace carried me so far, and by Grace I will carry on. 



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