He holds the world, He holds my heart

I remembered some time ago, when I spent time with my Dad. He brought me Himself, just right in front of Him. I had no words. I had so much to say at the same time, the littlest stories I’ve had, to the toughest, to the greatest to the casual, everything. But I remembered I was so in Awe.

No, I didn’t see His face. But merely His presence, I had to kneel. I knew He was the King above ALL Kings and the King of my heart. Then I was zoom out to the earth and zoom back to Him. I had nothing to say. No vocabulary could describe, no words I could have spoken. No exact words to describe how I feel.

When you’re in awe, there’s no words, no minds can fanthom. NONE.

Like a universe just exploded in my heart. All things good. For a glimpse, I caught why He said when He made the earth He saw that “it was good”.


He stops the raging waves, He also stops the raging thoughts in my mind.


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